Trader Joe’s Weight Watchers Shopping Guide

0 SP

Less than 1 tsp of Everything but the Bagel seasoning (it’s 1SP per tsp)

21 Seasoning salute

Chili lime seasoning

riced cauliflower (frozen)

grilled asparagus spears

crushed garlic cubes (frozen)

crushed basil cubes (frozen)

crushed ginger cubes (frozen)

crushed cilantro cubes (frozen)

TJs broccoli slaw

Red, green, and yellow bell pepper strips

all fruits and vegetables

2 Tbsp organic tomatillo & roasted yellow chili salsa verde

krinkle cut squash (bake as if they were french fries, in veg section)

TJ’s turmeric ginger tea (anti-bloating)

chocolate mint flavored black tea

grilled cauliflower (frozen)

12 oz langostino tails (seafood frozen)

frozen cooked shrimp

frozen Just Grilled Chicken Strips

shrimp stir fry (frozen)

1/2 cup Trader Joe’s fat free Refried beans

1 SP

1/4 cup Giotto fat-free pizza sauce

5 tbsp Queso cheese dip

4 frozen chicken cilantro mini wontons

3/4 container egg white and chive salad

4 tbsp fat-free spicy bean dip

1 oz TJ’s lite mozzarella cheese

1 oz. turkey jerky – comes in 4 oz package

1 tbsp mango pineapple salsa

1 mini cookie of butterscotch shortbread buttons

4 slices TJ’s turkey bacon

1 slice sprouted wheat bread

1 reduced carb whole wheat flour tortilla

3 slices Canadian style turkey bacon

1 oz non-fat French vanilla yogurt

2 tbsp. reduced guilt chunky Guacamole

1 lite mini BabyBel cheese

1/2 cup Shredded hash browns

1 reduced carb whole wheat flour tortilla

1 tbsp TJ hummus refrigerated

1 oz TJ tzatziki

1 tbsp freshly shaved Parmesan Romano and asagiao cheese

2 tbsp TJ’s Cowboy Caviar salsa

1 lightly breaded fish stick (in freezer)

1 sriracha seafood potsticker (freezer)

1 cauliflower and broccoli vegetable patty

2 TJ’s meatless meatballs

1/2 cup reduced guilt chicken salad

2 SP

1/2 cup Giotto traditional Marinara sauce

1/2 cup many clove garlic cooking and simmer sauce

2 tbsp Ming’s fat-free Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette

15 gorgonzola crackers

1 apple cranberry bran muffin (comes in pkg of 4)

1 mahi burger

2 tbsp soy milk creamer

1 stick Organic Light String Cheese

2 tbsp. cilantro salad dressing

2 tbsp Tomato-less salsa (it’s corn chili)

1 mild cheddar cheese stick

2 tbsp lite sour cream

1 TJ’s part skim string cheese

1 TJs whole wheat lavish flat bread (use as pizza crust)

1 TJs uncured turkey dog no nitrates

1 TJ’s British Style Crumpets

8 chocolatey cats cookies for people

2 chicken Tikka Samosas

14 steamer clams (garlic butter clams) in freezer

1 slice Trader Joe’s San Francisco sourdough bread

2-minute cafe twists

25 cheddar rocket crackers

3 oz shredded hash browns

20 Trader Joe’s Crunchy Curds

1/6 TJs Cauliflower Pizza Crust (frozen)

4 TJs meatless meatballs

3 SP

4 oz curry chicken tenders

37 original savory thin mini rice crackers

1/4 pkg Ming’s Asian vegetables with Beijing style soy

1 mini Brie cheese

23 TJ’s pretzels slim

14 reduced guilt chips

4 mini churros

2 1/2 cups reduced guilt popcorn

1 chicken Chardonnay sausage

1 Tbsp Organic Maple Syrup

1 Slice Organic Bread Honey Sweet Whole Wheat

1 Chili Lime Chicken Burgers

2 Tbsp Better’n Peanut Butter

1 TJs everything bagel thins

1/2 cup microwave brown rice

1 slice TJ’s multigrain slim sandwich bread

1 container Pomegranate Flavored Greek Yogurt

2 Fully Cooked Turkey Meatballs

14 Chips Reduced Guilt Organic White Corn Tortilla Chips

1 oz. Original Savory Thin Mini Crackers (15 crackers)

8 chips Reduced Guilt Pita Chips with Sea Salt

1 Dr. Praeger California Veggie burger

37 Gorgonzola crackers ( sea foam green box)

1 ciabatta roll

Frozen TJ’s mashed potatoes 4oz

35 trader joes cheese puffs

TJ’s Spinach, fontina and roasted garlic chicken sausage; 1 link

TJ’s Steamed Mussels in a wine sauce; ½ package

28 crunchy curl potato snacks (a lentil potato snack)

1 TJs Chocolate Chip waffle

1 cup creamy cauliflower soup TJ’s brand

1 mini ice cream cone

9 pita bite crackers

1 Trader Joe’s ice cream Bon Bon

1 TJs Mango ice cream bar

1 wild marinated soy ginger cod filet (frozen)

4 SP

1 Turkey Burger Patty

2 tbsp Greek style Feta Dressing

1 cup Zucchini fries

1 TJ’s Greek coconut cream yogurt cup

1 TJ’s chicken tamale

1/2 TJ’s Shepherd’s Pie

5/8 cup Barbara’s Puffin cereal

1 chicken sweet apple sausage

8 Quinoa & Black Bean Infused Tortilla Chips

2 Slices Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread

1 Quest bar- flavors may vary

1 TJs veggie Masala burger

1 TJ pizza veggie burger

1 cup barbecue chicken teriyaki

1 cup cooked or frozen organic brown rice

1 Whole Grain Flour Tortilla with Rolled Oats and Flax Seeds

2.5 cups white cheddar corn puffs

3 TJs crab cakes

1 cup TJ’s Multigrain O’s cereal

1 bag 99% fat-free microwave popcorn

2.5 cups TJs sour cream and onion corn puffs

1 Thai sweet chili veggie burger

7 TJs Organic silver dollar pancakes (freezer)

15 savory thin crackers

1 chicken and green Chile tamale

4 slices brioche toast

12 Cinnamon school book cookies

1 slice Trader Joe’s French Toast (frozen)

1 TJ’s cod pressed green juice (100% pressed juice

2 Trader Joe’s Vegetable Bird’s Nests (frozen, box of 8)

1 cup tomato and roasted red pepper soup

5 SP

TJ’s Mini tacos, 4 tacos (beef or chicken)

13 Dark Chocolate mini star cookies

1 cup Chocolate Peppermint almond beverage

TJ linguini and clam sauce (frozen) 1 cup

1 pkg steel cut frozen brown sugar oatmeal

1 turkey corn dog

11 peanut butter filled pretzels

4 chicken Parmesan lollipops